Five Fit For A Bride Facts:

1. Barre targets specific muscle groups and works them each to exhaustion. Amazing way to hone in on arms, abs, arse and more.

2. The class incorporates stretching throughout class to build flexibility and give some loving to your hardworking self. 

3. The movements aim to create a long and lean frame. Ideal for long, lean (and hopefully not mean) future brides. 

4. Class is typically performed on a carpeted room and is extremely low impact. Less joint pain = you being better equipped to dance around in heels all night. 

5. You can expect fast paced, upbeat music played throughout class. This not only makes the class fun but can give you some major playlist inspiration for your band/DJ. 

Helpful Hint: Alignment is key in these classes. Make sure to keep your core engaged and pay close attention to instructor cues throughout class. ALSO- grippy socks can be a true life saver in class.