Namaste off my feet

So i when i woke up this morning- my mind was telling me 3.5 miles but my BODDYYYY was telling me YYESSSS- actually it was telling me no. it was telling me to do yoga. which was super convenient because i had one class left in my soon-to-be expired class package at my local yoga studio. so i decided to switch the rest day this week and take the class instead. i also took into consideration that i needed to swap out my sneakers and wouldnt be able to do so until later that day- so rather than risk a longer run on a beaten down body and bad sneakers- i did some downward dog. and i think that’s ok. it is also helpful to have a training plan but it is also important to be listening to your body along the way. everyone is different. so remember to push yourself just enough past your comfort level but not so far that you get hurt. more on this later…

Knock on wood

When you speak too soon…

i should’ve known that as i went on and on about the amazing weather yesterday that it was bad karma to speak too soon. today was SO humid. but let’s back up a little bit. 

on monday night we went to the yankees-mets games. something about being in and around a stadium makes me start thinking of beer, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn. so i was actually pleasantly surprised at a few of the seemingly healthier food and drink options available. did i mention there was also wine and sweet potato fries? my two favorite things! we had so much fun catching up with old friends who joined us for the game and enjoying the classic american past time. 

the next morning i was skeptical if i could make it 5 miles. did i mention there was wine at the game? but i laced up my sneakers and set out for a very sweaty 5 miles. after my run, i had major pain in my shins and legs. the sneakers i have been wearing are not the best for long distance so i suddenly realized that i definitely should consider new sneaks. pain aside, i was happy i fit in the 5 miles before the thunder rain hit the city. 

it’s so funny when i think about certain occasions that just lend themselves to poor food choices. holidays, beach days, baseball games- these are all instances where i succumb to the indulgences available. but i think that since they are so few and far between- it’s totally ok- right?

5, 4, 3...

Ok so it was more like 5, walk 6, 3...

A night in with Netflix on friday night made the five miles on the agenda Saturday morning not as painful as it may have been after a night out. I felt good on the run and really enjoyed being out there is the sub 80 degree weather. The end of summer is always so bittersweet because I love the summer vibes (and the weddings, bachelorettes and bbqs) but also love so many things about the fall. the weather probably being number one. So this run was hopefully a preview of what to look forward to from running during the next few months. 

I had cross training on the schedule for sunday and since i was at my parents house in new jersey that morning, i knew exactly what to do. They have three major hills close to their house so I set out to tackle them for 30 minutes. Well- a funny podcast and 90 minutes later I had tripled what I originally thought I would do! Still need to get weights back into my routine though…needed to put that down in writing. 

This morning I woke up feelinga little sluggish after a really fun family party last night but threw on my sneakers because sometimes delaying the inevitable only makes it way worse. I set out for 3.5 miles and felt immediately better afterwards. It’s always better to just get up and get going! Note to self- remember this feeling. 

Half Marathon Training Updates!

OK so as I embark on the half marathon training I want to be able to share my journey with you and let you know how I am feeling every step along the way. From this post on, I will start to make these individual posts but since I was using the week to figure out how I wanted to document my training- I will include all of my feelings on my runs this week in one comprehensive post. 

8/7- 3 miles in the rain! I knew a storm was coming so I got out early to quickly squeeze in my run before the rain. Did not quite beat it but it wasn't too bad. I think I actually prefer to run in light rain versus super sunny heat- but don't quote me on that. 

8/8- 4 miles. Totally thought I lucked out with the weather since it was cooler and cloudy this morning but oh.em.gee it was HUMID. By the second mile I was dripping sweat and could feel my hair frizzing like crazy. I felt like my pace was good but started to get anxious after hitting 3 miles for the run to be done with. I had fleeting moments of 'remember when' and thinking back to a time when I could run 4 miles without even thinking about it. Here's to hoping I get back there soon. 

8/9- 3 miles. Felt kind of like a rock star today. But these days are always tricky early on. It is the internal battle of feeling really good and being scared of pushing too hard and thus getting hurt. That all being said- I wanted to do more but I kept it to 3 as I was told by my training plan. Hoping my 5 mile run this weekend will feel just as good or better. 

8/10- Rest. Kind of. I welcomed this rest day, especially since I went out the night before and had a few cocktails ;) I was still feeling like I wanted to move my body in some way so when I woke up early, I took the opportunity to go for a long walk through the West Village and up my steps. I also popped by the gym and did 30 painfully slow minutes on the elliptical. Something about the elliptical lately really has me feeling bored- anyone else?! 

8/11- 3 miles. The start of my run today felt a little weak. I blame the fact that I had cereal slash granola for dinner around like 4:30PM yesterday so I was not properly nourished. But once I got going on the running path and felt the energy from other runners and took in my usual and beloved scenery I felt instantly better. By the end, I felt like I could push a bit more but again want to make sure I stick to the plan I created to avoid injury and overtraining. We will see in a couple of weeks if this is me being too cautious or me doing the right thing. TBD. 



How many is too many?

today i am trying to get to the bottom of a very important questions. how many anniversaries is too many anniversaries? it's an especially important topic for me today because we got engaged exactly two years ago. i see that as a reason fro celebrating. steven says we have our one anniversary- our wedding anniversary. but then i get nostalgic about the engagement, about our first date, about our first trip, the first i love you- ok maybe not the last two- I'm not THAT zilla-esque. but it does sometimes seem like even though we now have our wedding anniversary- i do not want those other important moments in our relationship to ever fall by the wayside. so i am coming up with my own solution. and if you know anything about me- most of my solutions come in the form of food, and a theme... 

on the night we got engaged, steven planned an amazingly nice dinner at an amazing italian placed in the city. so today, i am going to make it my mission to cook a yummy italian feast. there are so many other ideas i have though for august 8th in years to come. sunset stroll to the spot where we got engaged, italian cooking class, italian wine tasting- i think you catch my drift. 

so i think my solution to this very controversial issue is yes you should celebrate. but celebrate does not equate to presents or an extravagant trip- it can mean a thoughtful plan to do something together. problem solved!


Adventure dates

As you all know, summer can be such a busy time of year. Between weddings, parties, days spent at the beach and continuing to plan your own wedding- it can seem like a weekend at home with no plans is very few and far between. So when a free afternoon with your partner does roll around, it can be fun to plan an activity. Last Sunday, we did just that and LOVED it!

I have had an interest in visiting a park in the Bronx for some time now. It has trails, a Met exhibit and sweeping views of the Hudson River. But… it’s also pretty far north relative to where I live. So getting there involved some planning. Subway? Uber? What about bike? I personally am terrified of riding a bike in New York City, but the Hudson River Park offers an unbroken bike path that runs from downtown all the way up the Bronx. Taking that into consideration I thought, why not? We looked into renting bikes (plenty of options in NYC), mapped out the path, grabbed a sandwich for pre biking fuel and were on the road. Incorporating the bike ride as part of the trip made it so much better. We were outside, being active and saw sights and part of the city that we do not normally get to see.

These types of dates are definitely not restricted to NYC. If you have something in mind that you want to do, think of a way to incorporate health into it. Can you walk there, bike there, walk part of the way? Take advantage of these nice summer days to be with the one you love, see something new and do something great for your body. 

IF Follow Up Has Me Thinking...

It has been a couple of weeks since we last discussed Intermittent Fasting. I have been trying to keep up with this new routine but let me tell you something, it is not easy. And here's the kicker. The hardest part was not even what I initially thought it would be. I, of course, thought that the hours of not eating would be the real challenge with this lifestyle. But it wasn't. The hours of not eating is manageable after the first day or two. It's the coordination of the hours to fit with your schedule is the hard part. For instance, say you have a dinner one night at 6PM with coworkers but then the next night is date night at 9PM with your hubby- what time do you start eating that morning?! THE HORROR!

Hope I wasn't the only ones confused by this. It also made me realize that if you want to eat most nights alongside your partner, then you should really try to do this together. That would help big time. Pro tip right there. 

Moral of the story, if you want to be successful at IF, then be prepared. Have your schedule for the week ready and time your first and last meals ahead of time based on your social plans at the beginning of the week. Grab your partner and get to planning. 

Dancing Brides

Twist and shout! Dancing star's Julianne Hough and Peta Murgatroyd got married over the weekend to their respective hubbies and they both looked like bridal perfection. The dancing professionals have been open leading up to the wedding and in the past re: their fitness and diet routines. I broke down Hough's fitness favorites and Murgatroyd's diet tips so you can get a glimpse into how they may have prepped for their big day. Here we go!

Julianne's Favorite Fitness Classes

Trampoline Cardio- This is a great low-impact workout. The jumping will get your heart rate up without sacrificing your joints. Plus- it's fun and with photo opps!

Power Yoga- This is an amazing way to increase flexibility, grow stronger and build endurance. In addition to all the other benefits of yoga like destressing, rinsing organs, preventing injury, etc. 

Dance Cardio- This one should come as no surprise. The choreography of a dance class will exercise your body and keep your mind sharp. The tiny movements of muscles that are often forgotten will also help burn extra calories. 

Spinning- This is another awesome low impact option for your cardio routine. Spin classes are often a motivational, non-judgemental (only you can adjust the speed and resistance of your bike) way to torch calories. 

Peta's Diet Tips

 Eliminate carbs in the evening (try to stack carbs in your breakfast if you are like us and cannot go without them)

Eat a lean protein for dinner  (Chicken or Fish for the carnivores, Tofu or Seitan are great options for the vegans)

Snack on good fats during the day (Think cashews or avocados- tasty, satisfying way to beat hunger and fuel your body with good nutrients) 

Have a cheat meal! (This should only be "every now and then" but it is essential to avoid binging, boredom or falling off the healthy wagon)

Nobody Likes a Limping Bride

Putting in hard work to get ready for your wedding is not always perfect. Sometimes injuries happen that will make you feel like you need to take a step back and reevaluate your next move.

We recently heard a podcast that changed our way of thinking about how to recover from particular mishaps. Say for instance that you have a really tight hammy. Rather than taking time off or continuing to work through it, stop right there. The best thing you can do is get a sports massage, loosen it up and then workout the next day. The knowledgable guest of the podcast said this is more likely to prevent further injury. Here's why. 

If you continue to work out with tight muscles, your body will start to try to protect itself, overcompensate, mess up the proper form which will likely lead to further injury. 

If you loosen up the tight spot, work out the next day when it is still feeling good, you will be able to remind your body of the how it is suppose to move and then prevent other injuries from happening. 

Interesting, right?

In an ideal world, you will be stretching, foam rolling and being careful so you do not run into these problems but hey, things happen that are not always our fault. We're just here to make sure you are strutting, not limping, down the aisle!

IF Update #1

We're a little hungry over here guys. Feeling good, but a little hungry.

The first meal yesterday was around 10:45AM and the last one was at like 4:30PMsih before an express yoga class. As the hunger kicked in again around 8PM, a hot cup of tea really helped fight it off. 

Try hard to make it until 9:30AM today before eating breakfast since we have early dinner plans tonight. Wish us luck!

The Fasting Fad

Fasting. It's all the rage right now. In particular, intermittent fasting. Since we have been hearing more and more about this diet (or lifestyle change for some), we had more and more questions arise. We have always been under the impression that fasting was not necessarily good for you. We believed we'd be operating on less energy, our metabolism would slow, yada yada yada. So what's the truth here? Why is intermittent fasting so great? Well, we did some research and found some answers from very trusted sources, Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow. 

The Dubrow's discussed the benefits of IF on their podcast 'Dr and Mrs Guinea Pig' this week and laid it all out on the table. This is what we gathered. 

The facts:

Fast for 12-16 hours a day. 

It doesn't matter what time frame you choose. For instance, if you are a big breakfast person you can start eating at 8AM but then need to have your last meal between 4-6PM. If you love dinner to eat dinner say at 9PM, then you just start your food day later, like around 1PM. 

You can eat whatever you want during this window of time. Now, don't go crazy, but there are no other food restrictions on this diet. 

Black coffee, water and tea are ok during the fasting periods. 

Working out is encouraged. 

How it works:

The body will use up all of the readily available sugar that is stored in your liver that is normally burned up for energy first before any fat cells are used. 

Once the sugar that is in your liver is all used up, you will start to use up the fat cells for energy which will lead to the loss of that unwanted fat. 

Exercising during the fasting period will speed this process along. 

The Benefits:

Increased energy. 

Loss of fat. 

Better workouts. 

Increase in productivity. 

Sounds pretty great right? So we have decided that we are going to try it this week. After each post, we will check in and give a little recap re: how it is going and what we are feeling so you can hear first hand what to possibly expect. Here we go!

Monday Matrimony Motivation

One of the best parts of starting a new week in the summer are the weekend wedding recaps. Whether on Instagram, Snapchat or, we love checking out who got hitched and how they threw it down (the aisle). This weekend did not disappoint as Erin Andrews served us with some major Monday Motivation.

Leading up to her wedding, Andrews was quite busy. She hosted Dancing with the Stars, posed in a bikini on the cover of Health Magazine, and planned a wedding? We're impressed. Double impressed that she managed to do all of that plus maintain a fitness routine. 


Andrews is a big fan of Orange Theory workouts. For those not familiar, OT is a "heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy" ( AKA it is a HIIT type of workout that uses the treadmill and free weights to keep your heart rate up for various bursts of time. When she can't make a class, she told Health Mag that she does the below workout. 

"I try to emulate the program with intervals on a treadmill. I’m a walker, not a runner, so I just do, like, 4.0 incline and 4.0 speed, and I’m on it for a minute. Then, for the next 30 minutes, I do 6.0 incline, 4.3 speed. Then for a minute, I go 8, and you go back and forth with your intervals. And then I try to do weights so I feel like I’m getting a full-body workout."

You can emulate this at the gym exactly as she details or cater it to your own pace. But make sure you push yourself. Go to where you feel comfortable and up the speed a couple more notches. Working in that discomfort will help you see and feel the change sooner!

Friday Favs

The Friday Fav this week is pretty simple. It's a topic we have been keeping mum on over the last week or so since the news first broke. But it is something that is super important to us so we felt compelled to address it today. 

Bachelor in Paradise will resume production. 

We were bummed when we first heard news of possible wrong doings on the set and were happy to hear that the situation has been resolved. And now we are EXTRA happy because filming is back on! BIP is one of our favorite, absurd, hilarious shows that we can't wait to watch in August. 

It felt important enough to hold it's own this week as our Friday Fav. So that's what we did. Happy weekend!

Bay Watch Run

We totally get that running on the beach can be a little intimidating. What with comparing the image of Pamela Anderson, or Kelly Rombach, running in that red bathing suit and all. We get it. But before you head out of town for the weekend, we are here to convince you that running on the beach does have some major benefits. 


Running on the sand is one of our favorite go-to workouts when we are at the beach for a number of reasons. 

 It is easy. Mother Nature at it's finest. No equipment required- not even sneakers! 

The resistance from the sand provides an extra strengthening session for your ankles and calves not found in road running. 

Vitamin D is super important for your health and you can soak it up with the sun- it can help combat chronic diseases. (But be sure to wear sunscreen!). 

If you are at the beach for a wedding or event- the salt water can provide some major texture and volume for your hair. 

Ugh now we know why she looks so great.

Helpful Hint Be sure to pay attention to the tide. Low tide is the best tide for this workout. 

Squashing Fears to Cheers!

All that dessert talk yesterday is making us um, thirsty. We want to talk today about the other side of indulgence- alcohol. Calories from drinks can be sneaky and unexpected. Not to mention that the drinks with more sugar in them are the ones that are more likely to lead to a worse hangover. We've compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help from overdoing it on the calories when enjoying some libations. 

For the beer lover... go for the light option! If you like the taste of a heavier beer, start heavy and transition to light after the first drink. 

For the cocktail soda with everything! Use club soda with a squeeze of fruit (lime, lemon) or splash of fruit juice. This will give you the taste without the dense cals. 

For the wine drinker...go sparkly! Champagne has less cals than your average wine. Or make it a spritz to cut the number of calories from your typical glass of vino. 

Helpful hint- keep water on hand throughout the day/night to avoid a nasty hangover.


Let them eat cake!

We are celebrating a big birthday tomorrow and it has inspired us to post about one of our favorite things, dessert. With so many summer parties and events, it can be difficult to turn down dessert every single time leading up to your wedding. We totally get it. 

One of the great solutions that is frequently discussed is portion control. Try everything. Just a bite. But, if you're like us, this isn't always a realistic option. One bite can turn into three. So we are always on the lookout for other options.

Through our findings, we've compiled a few tips for finding and making guilt-free indulgences. 

Vegan does not always mean healthy. While vegan foods are a great start, it does not negate the  amount of sugar that could be added. Be careful with getting duped by gluten-free, fat-free, vegan type of language. 

Know the ingredients and keep it simple. It's crazy how good things can be with limited ingredients. Oats, almond butter and dark chocolate chips? Strawberries filled with whipped cream? Dates stuffed with almonds? YUM! 

Make it sweet but not too sweet. If you start by just changing things up from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Or white flour to whole wheat flour. Or container frosting to homemade frosting. You will start to crave the overly processed, overly sweet items less and less. Trust us. The slow replacement of these desserts in your diet will make things easier and easier. 

If you are looking for some homemade recipes, send us an email or check out the below sites. 




Country Living

Eating Well



OOOO I wanna dance with somebody!

We hope y'all had an amazing weekend (like we did). The amount of fun we had dancing at a friend's wedding on Friday night inspired today's blog post. Dancing the night away is not only a great time, but also majorly beneficial for your health.

Experts say that dancing can improve the condition of your heart and lungs, improve muscle tone and strength, help weight management and increase muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. It can also make you look super cool. 

Speaking of cool- before you get on the dance floor there is one major thing to keep in mind. Do not be embarrassed. The wedding dance floor is the ultimate safe place for awkward movements and absurd sing-alongs. 

So before your next wedding, we suggest preparing by signing up for a dance class (New Yorkers, we suggest 305 Fitness or Banana Skirt Productions), jumping around your kitchen or practicing at your favorite local spot. 

Check out the below link from Elle re: how to perfect your moves to look like Beyonce at home. 

Beyonce At-Home Workout

Happy Monday!






Friday Favs

With all that is on your plate we know that sometimes it seems like certain wedding events, holidays or birthdays can just sneak up on you. If you are like us, these summer months are packed with fun events for friends and family. This weekend is no different because it's Father's Day! If you are suddenly thinking 'oh shoot, I need a gift.....' - keep reading!

Our favorite type of gifts to give are based on an activity or experience either you can do with the person or they can do with someone else. For dad, there are a couple of different routes you can go down. We put together a couple of our favorite wedding based activities. 

Dance lessons- Brush up on your dancing skills and gift dad with a private dance lesson where you can practice your special father-daughter dance together. 

Concert tickets- Check ticketmaster or stubhub to see if one of the bands featured on your wedding playlist are in the area. 

Wine tasting- Sign up for a wine tasting class to brush up on your grape knowledge in order to help pick the best wines to serve on the big day. 

If all else fails, a great tie always works! 

*If you do not live in the same area as your dad, these are all things you can gift him to experience with mom as well. 

Shots Shots Shots

We have been hearing so much about apple cider vinegar that we decided it was time to do some research about it re: how it can potentially help a bride to be. The top takeaway from our readings was that you should not use acv as a prop in your engagement shoot, unless you want to look like this. 

It tastes bad, like really bad guys. BUT try not to let the taste deter you from trying it because it does have some really great benefits. It can help digestive health, regulate blood sugar, improves heart health. Sounds good right? There are also some bridal benefits. 

Lower blood pressure- which will be helpful if you find yourself in some stressful situations like figuring out your seating charts. 

Detoxification of liver- this will likely be necessary after bachelorette shenanigans. 

Accelerate weight loss- if this is something you are interested in then any healthy route could help. 

Before you go ahead and start drinking we suggest that you do not drink it straight. Apparently, undiluted shots have been known to wear away tooth enamel and damage the esophagus. You will need good tooth and a healthy esophagus on your big day!

Also, you can buy some here.























We’ve all heard it before- sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Research suggests that it is important to get adequate shut eye to help benefit your heart, weight, stress levels, etc. However being able to fall asleep can be difficult if you have a lot on your mind with wedding planning and well, life. 

We found some suggested poses from YogiJournal that can help settle your mind and body. See below for three of the best ones. Namaste!

Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

1 minute
[10–15 breaths]

Inhale to Plank Pose and lower to your belly. Clasp your hands behind your back. Exhale and root the tops of your feet into the floor. Inhale as you lift your chest and arms. Gaze forward. To come out of the pose, release your hands and exhale, pushing back to Downward-Facing Dog.

Siddhasana, variation (Adept’s Pose, variation)

1 minute
[10–15 breaths]
each side

Sit tall on a blanket and cross your ankles. Inhale and lift your spine, and exhale as you take your left hand to your outer right knee. Place your right hand to the floor behind you for support. Inhale and lengthen; exhale and twist deeper. Switch sides and repeat the sequence.

Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall Pose)

3 minutes
[30–45 breaths]

Fold a blanket into a narrow stack that’s the length of your spine. Sit close to a wall and place the blanket behind you, perpendicular to the wall. Lie back onto the blanket, then scoot your buttocks as close to the wall as possible and send your legs up. Rest with your arms by your sides.