Friday Favs

Each week our Friday Favs will highlight our favorite wellness tips, trends and topics from the week. 

This week our Friday Favs is a special Bachelorette edition post.

Back story- we are slightly obsessed with the entire Bachelor franchise. Not in a creepy way, but in a healthy we celebrated my friend's 30th birthday by inviting bachelorette alum to my apartment for a bachelor themed party type of way- totally normal right?

So this week we were super excited to be introduced (via photo and bio) to the rest of Rachel's suitors! For those of you who do not know, Rachel is the new bachelorette. 



She is an accomplished, well spoken, funny, beautiful lady who was a contestant on Nick's season of the Bachelor. She was a total fan favorite and just so happens to also be the first African American Bachelorette! Very exciting stuff. We went ahead and looked over the photos and bios and picked our favorites so far based on the information we were given. What we think Rachel is looking for? A smart, funny, down to earth guy with a great smile. We weeded out the ones who didn't seem to be serious about a career/only cares about being famous/does not seem funny/is too young and not ready for a serious relationship. Again this is totally judging by the bios but hey, they can tell you a lot. See below for our top picks so far!


Alex, 28, is an information systems supervisor who once ate a live salamander. Cute, professional and has an interesting/funny/slightly intriguing fact that makes us want to know more. Also it does not have to do with his mom or his favorite celebrity, etc. etc. 



Anthony, 26, is an education software manager whose greatest achievement yet is getting a Fulbright Grant to teach in the Ivory Coast. Hey may be young but HELLO- he is smart, accomplished and so cute. 



Jedidiah, 35, is an ER physician whose favorite breakfast food is scrambled eggs. 1) Love the name. 2) Great age for her- seemingly ready to settle down. 3) Similar look as Nick. 4) Scrambled eggs? Healthy, down to earth and uncomplicated. 5) Real career. 

Peter, 31, is a business owner who has a fear of heights. He is showing his vulnerability already with detailing one of his fears. We think he will be able to open up to her. Plus the little gap between his teeth is so cute. 

Will, 28, is a sales manager who says his worst date was “every Tinder date ever. BEST SMILE EVER. Also, if he hates Tinder- that says to us that he is tired of playing games, tired of random dates and is ready to settle down.