Monday Motivation- Pippa Middleton

As we get into the swing of wedding season, every Monday, we will be hitting you with a Monday Motivation blog post.

We were served with some major Monday Motivation this past weekend from the royal family. On Saturday morning, we were obsessively looking for photos of a special bride who was known for having the best bum of all the bridesmaids in all of the land- Pippa Middleton.


Pippa did not disappoint. She looked so beautiful, joyful and JACKED. We loved seeing the strong definition in her arms.  


It's no surprise to us that Pippa looked so fit as she is an incredibly driven athlete. She has climbed the Swiss Alps, skied competitively, swam 47 miles in Sweden, biked 3,000 miles across the U.S. and finished a marathon up the Great Wall of China. 

Hm, we suddenly feel like signing up for that 5K next weekend is a really good idea. Congrats Pippa!