Musings from Episode One

So last week we posted about some potential front runners for the new season of The Bachelorette based on photos and bios. Now that we have actually met some of these men, we are have follow up thoughts. Let's get into how our photo/bio front runners matched up to their actual selves. 

Alex- He seems like he is very sweet. We weren't the biggest fans of the whole vacuum approach but hey, if it helped her remember him then we guess it worked. 

Anthony- We still like Anthony. He didn't get too much air time but we think he will be around for a couple more episodes. 

Jedidiah- Ugh, Jedidiah- the vest, why?! We could tell she wasn't that into him when he tried to ask for more time with her and she welcomed other guys to steal her away. NOT a good sign. So long, fair well. 

Peter- PETER! He is totally a top 5. He made us laugh out loud with, "I will literally throw this in the fire" and the gap teeth comment. He also had a lot of screen time in the preview of the entire season. 

Will- Honestly, who was Will?! Totally do not remember him at all. But we think he is still in the game so we will give him some more time to step it up. 

Thoughts on the other guys:

We really like Josiah- yes he may have been a little cocky, but he was able to own his vulnerability at the end and had great commentary throughout the episode. Demario- too much, please calm down. First impression rose (Bryan)- the best part about the kiss was Mohit screaming "NO!"  as he watched from behind them. Ah Mohit, sad he went home. Lucas, stop trying to make Whaboom happen. Adam Jr, we loved your creepy little montage. 

Thoughts on the preview of the season:

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. . There is a solid mix of guys who fall into either sweet or bold and we're excited to see who she goes for. Plus who doesn't love unmasking the house villain, the arrival of an ex-girlfriend and adventurous dates in other countries?!