Workout Wednesday

On this edition of Workout Wednesday...

There are many sayings associated with getting married, i.e. taking a leap of faith, jumping the broom, walking the plank- wait, that's not right. The plank is just the feature of today's Workout Wednesday post.

The plank is literally one of the greatest exercises out there for a number of reasons. It strengthens your core, back, shoulders, bum, legs- you name it, it probably helps strengthen it. It can also help improve your posture, trim your waistline and define your muscles. This means that no matter what your goals are, what style your dress, the plank can be a real benefit to you. The best part? No equipment needed and it can be done anywhere.

Here we break down the proper form with possible modifications and suggest how to incorporate it into your daily routine. 


Start from a high push up position. Shoulders over wrists. Pull in you belly button. Relax your shoulders. Lengthen your hammys. Breathe. 

Wrist problems? Drop down to your forearms. Keep your hands parallel. Shoulders over elbows.

Beginner? Start from a high push up position. Drop your knees to the ground. Shoulders over wrists. Hips over knees. 


Start with a 30 second plank with the intention of working up to one minute.

Repeat 30 second plank, 6 X Daily.


1 minute plank, 3 X Daily. 

Helpful Hint Use your plank time to narrow down your wedding playlist. Pick a song, hold a plank, end when the song ends. Efficiency is key.