#TBT... On A Tuesday

What's Your Workout?

Maddie is a Merchandising Coordinator for J. Crew who lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband, Eamon. She is stylish, fun and lovely. Read on to learn more about her exercise routine. 

Zilla: What was your favorite workout to do leading up to your wedding?

M: So the whole year leading up to my wedding I did this class at least two times a week (Saturdays and Monday mornings) called Fit Flow at Yoga to the People on 3rd Ave and it was AMAZING. Jaclyn Fain was the instructor--she was the cutest and a fitness model and this class was a combination of her knowledge as a yoga instructor and what she had taken from other fitness classes she likes.

Zilla: What can other Zillas expect in this class?

M: It was a 60 min class- a combination of strength exercises (squats/lunges/push up variations/ab exercises, etc), cardio intervals, and vinyasa yoga flow sections resulting in a KILLER work out that left me feeling like I had done a barre and spin class in one. My muscles were so tight and tired AND I was sweaty as hell like I had just done a cardio class.

Zilla: What did you like most about it?

M: I loved it because 1) it was a really awesome work out  and felt immediately slimmer after I did it, 2) I was in love with the instructor, she was amazing and had the best attitude—it’s interesting because in a way her attitude and teaching style reflected her class—at times she was tough and pumped up like a spin teacher is, but then during the yoga flows she was so calming, so that was great balance, and 3) I left feeling like I had worked out hard but still calm and serene like I had done a satisfying yoga class, which I have never found in any other class, it was like the best of both worlds IMO especially in pre-wedding craziness--needed the serenity :)