Shameless #TBT

#TBT Memorial Day Wedding Edition

Last weekend we had our eyes peeled for news and sightings of celebrity weddings and were in full stalking mode when Emmy Rossum posted pictures from her special day to her Instagram account. She looked so classic and so happy.

We did some digging to find out more about her workout routines and found some fun tidbits from an interview with Shape Mag.

  • She grew up doing ballet and as a result loves barre workouts.
  • She prefers group fitness over personal training.
  • She can do pushups, but really hates pushups - same. 

In honor of Emmy's wedding, we are sharing two barre moves that can be performed at home, work, hotel- anywhere. 

15-Minute Workout from Greatist

Sumo Squat

A. 30 reps (or 1 minute) B. 15 reps (or 1 minute)

This move targets the front of the legs, hamstrings, and the seat muscles—it's functional training at its best.

Step feet out slightly wider than hips. Reach tailbone back as if you are sitting in a chair, keeping belly drawn in, spine long, and shoulders wide and down the back. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

A: Bring palms to heart center as you lean back into heels and lower 1 inch. Press into heels and lift 1 inch.

B: Adding on a large range of motion, press into feet to lift up to standing, drawing palms to sides. Return to squatting position.

Narrow V

A. 30 reps (or 1 minute) B. 15 reps (or 1 minute)

This pose shapes your entire leg, especially your inner and outer thighs.

Draw heels together and turn legs out so toes are about 4 inches apart in a narrow "V" position. Keeping shoulders stacked over hips, bend knees into a narrow plie. Press heels firmly together as you hover them slightly off the floor, coming onto the balls of your feet. Rest one hand on the chair for balance or bring palms together in prayer for a balance challenge. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

A: Keeping your range small and controlled, lower 1 inch deeper into your plie, then lift 1 inch.

B: Increasing your range of motion, drop your seat down toward your heels, then lift all the way up and squeeze your inner thighs together.

Carousel Horse

A. 30 reps (or 1 minute) B. 15 reps (or 1 minute)

This one simple move effectively targets many muscles in the lower body, and it’s also a great balance challenge to train the core and reinforce good posture.

Place palms on the chair with feet parallel and hip-distance apart. Step left foot back, bend both knees slightly into a lunge, and hold. Stack right knee directly over the ankle while left knee bends toward the floor and stays under hip. Press right foot and the ball of your left foot down evenly into the floor. Keep hips level and square, core engaged, and shoulders stacked over hips. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

A: Drop left knee down 1 inch. Push into right heel and lift up 1 inch, making sure right knee stays stacked over the ankle the entire time.

B: Adding on a large range of motion, drop left knee toward the floor until you find your edge. Push into right heel and lift all the way up until legs are almost straight. Repeat entire exercise, stepping right leg back.

Horse Pose

A. 30 reps (or 1 minute) B. 15 reps (or 1 minute)

Inspired by ballet, this graceful pose works the inner and outer thighs and outer seat muscles.

Take a wide step out from chair, pointing toes to 2 and 10 o’clock. Bend knees and slide down an imaginary wall. Stack shoulders over hips and engage core. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

A: Lower your seat down once inch. Press into feet and lift up 1 inch.

B: Adding on a large range of motion, plie down, letting right arm sweep down to your side. Press into left foot and rebound up, sweeping right arm overhead and lifting right leg out to the side as you lengthen through the right side body and lean over the chair.

Standing Seat Work

30 reps per leg

This move helps to improve balance and shape the back of the leg, seat, and core.

Place hands on the chair. Sweep right foot back behind hip, lifting it a few inches off the ground until you feel your seat engage and hold. Press into left foot and think about lifting up and out of right standing hip. Engage core and lift tall through spine. Lift leg up 1 inch and lower 1 inch. Repeat, lifting left leg.

Power Leg

30 reps

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this posture—your quads will feel the burn.

Facing the chair, lift heels up, bend knees, and hold. Pressing evenly through all 10 toes, keep knees in line with the middle of the toes, hips level and square, and core firm firm. Lengthen tall through your spine and relax shoulders down the back. Bend knees until you find a challenging position. Lift 1 inch, then lower.

Plank With Core Hold

30 seconds per side

Taking a traditional plank and adding a hold will heat the entire body and strengthen the core.

Start in plank position, engaging thighs as you reach through heels. As you exhale, draw right knee toward chest and round your back. (Make sure that you are still pressing through your hands.) Lift abdominals toward your low back. Hold. Repeat with left leg.

Boat Pose

30 seconds

This posture will bring out your inner dancer while challenging the entire core.

Sit tall on the floor with hands behind thighs. Draw legs to a table top position. As you exhale, firm core and reach arms out into a wide "V." Hips are heavy on the floor while spine stays long and lifted, core is firm and pulling toward your low back, and shoulders are wide and down your back. Hold. (Want to take it to the next level? Straighten and extend legs.)