The Wedding Shoe, er, Sneaker

One of our favorite wedding looks of all time is from the movie, Father of the Bride. If you haven’t seen it- you must must must find it on iTunes this week. In the movie, Steve Martin is the father of the bride and has special wedding sneakers made for his daughter to wear on her big day. Now, this may not be appropriate for all (or even most) weddings could still work for an after party, brunch or bachelorette party look. Plus the dress + sneaker look is so in right now. 


It could be super easy to decorate a pair of shoes that you already own. A little bit of crazy glue, beads, ribbon and lace can work wonders. Or if you are not feeling as crafty, there are certain sites like Etsy and Nike that will customize a sneaker for you. All else fails, enlist an artsy bridesmaid- that’s what they are there for!