Shots Shots Shots

We have been hearing so much about apple cider vinegar that we decided it was time to do some research about it re: how it can potentially help a bride to be. The top takeaway from our readings was that you should not use acv as a prop in your engagement shoot, unless you want to look like this. 

It tastes bad, like really bad guys. BUT try not to let the taste deter you from trying it because it does have some really great benefits. It can help digestive health, regulate blood sugar, improves heart health. Sounds good right? There are also some bridal benefits. 

Lower blood pressure- which will be helpful if you find yourself in some stressful situations like figuring out your seating charts. 

Detoxification of liver- this will likely be necessary after bachelorette shenanigans. 

Accelerate weight loss- if this is something you are interested in then any healthy route could help. 

Before you go ahead and start drinking we suggest that you do not drink it straight. Apparently, undiluted shots have been known to wear away tooth enamel and damage the esophagus. You will need good tooth and a healthy esophagus on your big day!

Also, you can buy some here.