Friday Favs

With all that is on your plate we know that sometimes it seems like certain wedding events, holidays or birthdays can just sneak up on you. If you are like us, these summer months are packed with fun events for friends and family. This weekend is no different because it's Father's Day! If you are suddenly thinking 'oh shoot, I need a gift.....' - keep reading!

Our favorite type of gifts to give are based on an activity or experience either you can do with the person or they can do with someone else. For dad, there are a couple of different routes you can go down. We put together a couple of our favorite wedding based activities. 

Dance lessons- Brush up on your dancing skills and gift dad with a private dance lesson where you can practice your special father-daughter dance together. 

Concert tickets- Check ticketmaster or stubhub to see if one of the bands featured on your wedding playlist are in the area. 

Wine tasting- Sign up for a wine tasting class to brush up on your grape knowledge in order to help pick the best wines to serve on the big day. 

If all else fails, a great tie always works! 

*If you do not live in the same area as your dad, these are all things you can gift him to experience with mom as well.