OOOO I wanna dance with somebody!

We hope y'all had an amazing weekend (like we did). The amount of fun we had dancing at a friend's wedding on Friday night inspired today's blog post. Dancing the night away is not only a great time, but also majorly beneficial for your health.

Experts say that dancing can improve the condition of your heart and lungs, improve muscle tone and strength, help weight management and increase muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. It can also make you look super cool. 

Speaking of cool- before you get on the dance floor there is one major thing to keep in mind. Do not be embarrassed. The wedding dance floor is the ultimate safe place for awkward movements and absurd sing-alongs. 

So before your next wedding, we suggest preparing by signing up for a dance class (New Yorkers, we suggest 305 Fitness or Banana Skirt Productions), jumping around your kitchen or practicing at your favorite local spot. 

Check out the below link from Elle re: how to perfect your moves to look like Beyonce at home. 

Beyonce At-Home Workout

Happy Monday!