Let them eat cake!

We are celebrating a big birthday tomorrow and it has inspired us to post about one of our favorite things, dessert. With so many summer parties and events, it can be difficult to turn down dessert every single time leading up to your wedding. We totally get it. 

One of the great solutions that is frequently discussed is portion control. Try everything. Just a bite. But, if you're like us, this isn't always a realistic option. One bite can turn into three. So we are always on the lookout for other options.

Through our findings, we've compiled a few tips for finding and making guilt-free indulgences. 

Vegan does not always mean healthy. While vegan foods are a great start, it does not negate the  amount of sugar that could be added. Be careful with getting duped by gluten-free, fat-free, vegan type of language. 

Know the ingredients and keep it simple. It's crazy how good things can be with limited ingredients. Oats, almond butter and dark chocolate chips? Strawberries filled with whipped cream? Dates stuffed with almonds? YUM! 

Make it sweet but not too sweet. If you start by just changing things up from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Or white flour to whole wheat flour. Or container frosting to homemade frosting. You will start to crave the overly processed, overly sweet items less and less. Trust us. The slow replacement of these desserts in your diet will make things easier and easier. 

If you are looking for some homemade recipes, send us an email or check out the below sites. 




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