Squashing Fears to Cheers!

All that dessert talk yesterday is making us um, thirsty. We want to talk today about the other side of indulgence- alcohol. Calories from drinks can be sneaky and unexpected. Not to mention that the drinks with more sugar in them are the ones that are more likely to lead to a worse hangover. We've compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help from overdoing it on the calories when enjoying some libations. 

For the beer lover... go for the light option! If you like the taste of a heavier beer, start heavy and transition to light after the first drink. 

For the cocktail lover...club soda with everything! Use club soda with a squeeze of fruit (lime, lemon) or splash of fruit juice. This will give you the taste without the dense cals. 

For the wine drinker...go sparkly! Champagne has less cals than your average wine. Or make it a spritz to cut the number of calories from your typical glass of vino. 

Helpful hint- keep water on hand throughout the day/night to avoid a nasty hangover.