Bay Watch Run

We totally get that running on the beach can be a little intimidating. What with comparing the image of Pamela Anderson, or Kelly Rombach, running in that red bathing suit and all. We get it. But before you head out of town for the weekend, we are here to convince you that running on the beach does have some major benefits. 


Running on the sand is one of our favorite go-to workouts when we are at the beach for a number of reasons. 

 It is easy. Mother Nature at it's finest. No equipment required- not even sneakers! 

The resistance from the sand provides an extra strengthening session for your ankles and calves not found in road running. 

Vitamin D is super important for your health and you can soak it up with the sun- it can help combat chronic diseases. (But be sure to wear sunscreen!). 

If you are at the beach for a wedding or event- the salt water can provide some major texture and volume for your hair. 

Ugh now we know why she looks so great.

Helpful Hint Be sure to pay attention to the tide. Low tide is the best tide for this workout.