Monday Matrimony Motivation

One of the best parts of starting a new week in the summer are the weekend wedding recaps. Whether on Instagram, Snapchat or, we love checking out who got hitched and how they threw it down (the aisle). This weekend did not disappoint as Erin Andrews served us with some major Monday Motivation.

Leading up to her wedding, Andrews was quite busy. She hosted Dancing with the Stars, posed in a bikini on the cover of Health Magazine, and planned a wedding? We're impressed. Double impressed that she managed to do all of that plus maintain a fitness routine. 


Andrews is a big fan of Orange Theory workouts. For those not familiar, OT is a "heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy" ( AKA it is a HIIT type of workout that uses the treadmill and free weights to keep your heart rate up for various bursts of time. When she can't make a class, she told Health Mag that she does the below workout. 

"I try to emulate the program with intervals on a treadmill. I’m a walker, not a runner, so I just do, like, 4.0 incline and 4.0 speed, and I’m on it for a minute. Then, for the next 30 minutes, I do 6.0 incline, 4.3 speed. Then for a minute, I go 8, and you go back and forth with your intervals. And then I try to do weights so I feel like I’m getting a full-body workout."

You can emulate this at the gym exactly as she details or cater it to your own pace. But make sure you push yourself. Go to where you feel comfortable and up the speed a couple more notches. Working in that discomfort will help you see and feel the change sooner!