The Fasting Fad

Fasting. It's all the rage right now. In particular, intermittent fasting. Since we have been hearing more and more about this diet (or lifestyle change for some), we had more and more questions arise. We have always been under the impression that fasting was not necessarily good for you. We believed we'd be operating on less energy, our metabolism would slow, yada yada yada. So what's the truth here? Why is intermittent fasting so great? Well, we did some research and found some answers from very trusted sources, Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow. 

The Dubrow's discussed the benefits of IF on their podcast 'Dr and Mrs Guinea Pig' this week and laid it all out on the table. This is what we gathered. 

The facts:

Fast for 12-16 hours a day. 

It doesn't matter what time frame you choose. For instance, if you are a big breakfast person you can start eating at 8AM but then need to have your last meal between 4-6PM. If you love dinner to eat dinner say at 9PM, then you just start your food day later, like around 1PM. 

You can eat whatever you want during this window of time. Now, don't go crazy, but there are no other food restrictions on this diet. 

Black coffee, water and tea are ok during the fasting periods. 

Working out is encouraged. 

How it works:

The body will use up all of the readily available sugar that is stored in your liver that is normally burned up for energy first before any fat cells are used. 

Once the sugar that is in your liver is all used up, you will start to use up the fat cells for energy which will lead to the loss of that unwanted fat. 

Exercising during the fasting period will speed this process along. 

The Benefits:

Increased energy. 

Loss of fat. 

Better workouts. 

Increase in productivity. 

Sounds pretty great right? So we have decided that we are going to try it this week. After each post, we will check in and give a little recap re: how it is going and what we are feeling so you can hear first hand what to possibly expect. Here we go!