Nobody Likes a Limping Bride

Putting in hard work to get ready for your wedding is not always perfect. Sometimes injuries happen that will make you feel like you need to take a step back and reevaluate your next move.

We recently heard a podcast that changed our way of thinking about how to recover from particular mishaps. Say for instance that you have a really tight hammy. Rather than taking time off or continuing to work through it, stop right there. The best thing you can do is get a sports massage, loosen it up and then workout the next day. The knowledgable guest of the podcast said this is more likely to prevent further injury. Here's why. 

If you continue to work out with tight muscles, your body will start to try to protect itself, overcompensate, mess up the proper form which will likely lead to further injury. 

If you loosen up the tight spot, work out the next day when it is still feeling good, you will be able to remind your body of the how it is suppose to move and then prevent other injuries from happening. 

Interesting, right?

In an ideal world, you will be stretching, foam rolling and being careful so you do not run into these problems but hey, things happen that are not always our fault. We're just here to make sure you are strutting, not limping, down the aisle!