Monday Motivation

As we get into the swing of wedding season, every Monday, we will be hitting you with a Monday Motivation blog post.

Wonder Woman premiered over the weekend and Gal Gadot served us some major Monday Motivation. To let you know a little more about Gal- she is married with two children, a former soldier and combat instructor for the Israel Defense Forces, model and seasoned actor. We did our research to find out more re: Gal's healthy habits and fitness routine. InStyle provided us with her best tip for surviving her grueling workout program. 

Gal says, "drink a gallon of water each day. Not only did I feel fuller, which made me snack less, but I felt so hydrated, my endurance improved too. And I needed all the help I could get for the program, which blended basic pull-ups, squats, and ball throws with cardio intervals using the stationary bike and rowing machine—two minutes full-force, then two minutes of active rest—plus weight-lifting challenges."



Drink up ladies! 




Also, her routine sounds a lot like a HIIT program. If you are interested in trying one out for yourself, shoot us an email for some great promotions to fitness studios in the city or at home training plans.