Friday Favs

This time of year is always buzzing with activity. One of our favorite’s is participating in an organized race. Whether it be a themed 5K, a mud course, a sprint triathlon or a long distance event, it is a way fun to set a goal, have a new experience and potentially do something good. Plus your bridesmaids could always use a new excuse to rock another custom t-shirt. 

Set a goal It’s easy to get stuck in a workout rut. If you are able to set a tangible goal, it will be that much more rewarding when you exceed your set expectations. 

Have a new experience We love to find new experiences to share with friends that stray from the usual Saturday brunch. Heck, most events are held in the morning so you may even still be able to make it to Saturday brunch afterwards!

Do good It is common for a 5K to benefit either a local or national charity. The vibe and energy at these events are always positive, uplifting and powerful. You will be doing good not only for yourself, but your community. is our favorite resource. Happy weekend!