Dancing Brides

Twist and shout! Dancing star's Julianne Hough and Peta Murgatroyd got married over the weekend to their respective hubbies and they both looked like bridal perfection. The dancing professionals have been open leading up to the wedding and in the past re: their fitness and diet routines. I broke down Hough's fitness favorites and Murgatroyd's diet tips so you can get a glimpse into how they may have prepped for their big day. Here we go!

Julianne's Favorite Fitness Classes

Trampoline Cardio- This is a great low-impact workout. The jumping will get your heart rate up without sacrificing your joints. Plus- it's fun and with photo opps!

Power Yoga- This is an amazing way to increase flexibility, grow stronger and build endurance. In addition to all the other benefits of yoga like destressing, rinsing organs, preventing injury, etc. 

Dance Cardio- This one should come as no surprise. The choreography of a dance class will exercise your body and keep your mind sharp. The tiny movements of muscles that are often forgotten will also help burn extra calories. 

Spinning- This is another awesome low impact option for your cardio routine. Spin classes are often a motivational, non-judgemental (only you can adjust the speed and resistance of your bike) way to torch calories. 

Peta's Diet Tips

 Eliminate carbs in the evening (try to stack carbs in your breakfast if you are like us and cannot go without them)

Eat a lean protein for dinner  (Chicken or Fish for the carnivores, Tofu or Seitan are great options for the vegans)

Snack on good fats during the day (Think cashews or avocados- tasty, satisfying way to beat hunger and fuel your body with good nutrients) 

Have a cheat meal! (This should only be "every now and then" but it is essential to avoid binging, boredom or falling off the healthy wagon)