Adventure dates

As you all know, summer can be such a busy time of year. Between weddings, parties, days spent at the beach and continuing to plan your own wedding- it can seem like a weekend at home with no plans is very few and far between. So when a free afternoon with your partner does roll around, it can be fun to plan an activity. Last Sunday, we did just that and LOVED it!

I have had an interest in visiting a park in the Bronx for some time now. It has trails, a Met exhibit and sweeping views of the Hudson River. But… it’s also pretty far north relative to where I live. So getting there involved some planning. Subway? Uber? What about bike? I personally am terrified of riding a bike in New York City, but the Hudson River Park offers an unbroken bike path that runs from downtown all the way up the Bronx. Taking that into consideration I thought, why not? We looked into renting bikes (plenty of options in NYC), mapped out the path, grabbed a sandwich for pre biking fuel and were on the road. Incorporating the bike ride as part of the trip made it so much better. We were outside, being active and saw sights and part of the city that we do not normally get to see.

These types of dates are definitely not restricted to NYC. If you have something in mind that you want to do, think of a way to incorporate health into it. Can you walk there, bike there, walk part of the way? Take advantage of these nice summer days to be with the one you love, see something new and do something great for your body.