Half Marathon Training Updates!

OK so as I embark on the half marathon training I want to be able to share my journey with you and let you know how I am feeling every step along the way. From this post on, I will start to make these individual posts but since I was using the week to figure out how I wanted to document my training- I will include all of my feelings on my runs this week in one comprehensive post. 

8/7- 3 miles in the rain! I knew a storm was coming so I got out early to quickly squeeze in my run before the rain. Did not quite beat it but it wasn't too bad. I think I actually prefer to run in light rain versus super sunny heat- but don't quote me on that. 

8/8- 4 miles. Totally thought I lucked out with the weather since it was cooler and cloudy this morning but oh.em.gee it was HUMID. By the second mile I was dripping sweat and could feel my hair frizzing like crazy. I felt like my pace was good but started to get anxious after hitting 3 miles for the run to be done with. I had fleeting moments of 'remember when' and thinking back to a time when I could run 4 miles without even thinking about it. Here's to hoping I get back there soon. 

8/9- 3 miles. Felt kind of like a rock star today. But these days are always tricky early on. It is the internal battle of feeling really good and being scared of pushing too hard and thus getting hurt. That all being said- I wanted to do more but I kept it to 3 as I was told by my training plan. Hoping my 5 mile run this weekend will feel just as good or better. 

8/10- Rest. Kind of. I welcomed this rest day, especially since I went out the night before and had a few cocktails ;) I was still feeling like I wanted to move my body in some way so when I woke up early, I took the opportunity to go for a long walk through the West Village and up my steps. I also popped by the gym and did 30 painfully slow minutes on the elliptical. Something about the elliptical lately really has me feeling bored- anyone else?! 

8/11- 3 miles. The start of my run today felt a little weak. I blame the fact that I had cereal slash granola for dinner around like 4:30PM yesterday so I was not properly nourished. But once I got going on the running path and felt the energy from other runners and took in my usual and beloved scenery I felt instantly better. By the end, I felt like I could push a bit more but again want to make sure I stick to the plan I created to avoid injury and overtraining. We will see in a couple of weeks if this is me being too cautious or me doing the right thing. TBD.