Knock on wood

When you speak too soon…

i should’ve known that as i went on and on about the amazing weather yesterday that it was bad karma to speak too soon. today was SO humid. but let’s back up a little bit. 

on monday night we went to the yankees-mets games. something about being in and around a stadium makes me start thinking of beer, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn. so i was actually pleasantly surprised at a few of the seemingly healthier food and drink options available. did i mention there was also wine and sweet potato fries? my two favorite things! we had so much fun catching up with old friends who joined us for the game and enjoying the classic american past time. 

the next morning i was skeptical if i could make it 5 miles. did i mention there was wine at the game? but i laced up my sneakers and set out for a very sweaty 5 miles. after my run, i had major pain in my shins and legs. the sneakers i have been wearing are not the best for long distance so i suddenly realized that i definitely should consider new sneaks. pain aside, i was happy i fit in the 5 miles before the thunder rain hit the city. 

it’s so funny when i think about certain occasions that just lend themselves to poor food choices. holidays, beach days, baseball games- these are all instances where i succumb to the indulgences available. but i think that since they are so few and far between- it’s totally ok- right?