How many is too many?

today i am trying to get to the bottom of a very important questions. how many anniversaries is too many anniversaries? it's an especially important topic for me today because we got engaged exactly two years ago. i see that as a reason fro celebrating. steven says we have our one anniversary- our wedding anniversary. but then i get nostalgic about the engagement, about our first date, about our first trip, the first i love you- ok maybe not the last two- I'm not THAT zilla-esque. but it does sometimes seem like even though we now have our wedding anniversary- i do not want those other important moments in our relationship to ever fall by the wayside. so i am coming up with my own solution. and if you know anything about me- most of my solutions come in the form of food, and a theme... 

on the night we got engaged, steven planned an amazingly nice dinner at an amazing italian placed in the city. so today, i am going to make it my mission to cook a yummy italian feast. there are so many other ideas i have though for august 8th in years to come. sunset stroll to the spot where we got engaged, italian cooking class, italian wine tasting- i think you catch my drift. 

so i think my solution to this very controversial issue is yes you should celebrate. but celebrate does not equate to presents or an extravagant trip- it can mean a thoughtful plan to do something together. problem solved!