Five Fit For A Bride Facts:

1. By performing short, intense intervals of various movements, HIIT will get your heart rate revved up. Great for burning calories and helping you feel great in your bachelorette bikini. 

2. It's hard to get bored at HIIT. You are constantly moving on to the next thing so there is little time to get sick of what you are doing- making it more likely for you to stick with it. AKA- goals will be easier to accomplish!

3. HIIT workouts are efficient and therefore do not need to be long in length. This will leave you with more time for everything else you need to get done during this busy time. 

4. You can mix it up with HIIT. You can incorporate weights or just use your body weight making it easy to do in a gym or at home- leaving you with little room for excuses. 

5. These efficient strength training routines will build and sculpt muscles. Ideal for form fitting or skin barring bridal gowns. 

Helpful Hint: While the time factor on these workouts can be efficient, you want to make sure you are not letting time effect your form. It is better to do less with good form than more with bad form.