Meditating Bride. 

Five Fit For A Bride Facts:

1. It allows you to disconnect from what is causing you stress at the moment. I.e. the weather forecast predicting rain on your wedding day. 

2. It can improve concentration. This can help you get those shower thank you notes out the door and off your to-do list faster. 

3. It could slow aging. In case you are worried that the stress of the wedding was causing premature wrinkles.  

4. It is known to increase happiness. Happy (future) wife equals happy life. 

5. Enhance self awareness. Because maybe your friends are too afraid to tell you you are being a bridezilla.  

Helpful Hint: Meditation can be done anywhere and has no time limit. If you prefer just five minutes, do five minutes. Do not feel like you need to do it for 30 mins a day if that does not work for you.