Five Fit For A Bride Facts:

1. It is a great cardio alternative. Torch over 400 calories in just a 45 minute class. Perfect if you are an outdoor runner who can't stand the treadmill. 

2. This is workout is less impact on the joints than other cardio favorites. Ideal for walking down the aisle with no pain in your knees. 

3. You are in control of your own ride. Only you can adjust the resistance on the bike or how fast you pedal. Need to push it harder in bachelorette party crunch time? New to spin and are wary of going all out in your first class? No problem!

4. Most spinning classes have a great sense of community. You can use the energy of others to push yourself through class.

5. It can be inspirational. On top of the endorphins you will get from the ride, spinning has become famous for instructors using inspirational words of wisdom to help get you through class and on with your day. 

Helpful Hint: Check out the schedule and do some research on your instructor to make sure you are on board with their taste in music as this can be a major make or break for class.